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Originally Posted by 10isfreak View Post
You can try to view baseline playing differently, which will maybe help you with your mental issues.

Think of it more like a football game: you're trying to move forward to score points. That's how you play aggressive baseline rallies without indulging into dumb mistakes. Many people think that a high quality shot is a big, flat and fast ball... just imagine what happens when you try to up the power level near your limit -- it's rarely of any use. Much better to put pressure on your opponent by playing back and forth with your court position.

You might be wondering why I again give a more technical than mental advice. It's that I don't want you to stay passive, both mentally and in practice. Every time your opponent leaves the ball sufficiently short for you to move forward, DO IT. Don't think about your stroke; think FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD... If you do that, instead of "finding yourself waiting and waiting", you'll be paying attention to moving forward to cut some time off of your opponent.

No need to use half-volleys to make this happen: your opponent is no touring pro and he'll surely leave some balls a little too short. Pick on him as soon as you can, bothering to give yourself the space to be comfortable to hit just a solid shot. Not a wonderful, just a solid one. He'll be overwhelmed way before he understands what is happening to him -- as a bonus, you won't have to feel so passive and anxious anymore because you have an intention in your mind: FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD.

The same trick works with pushers, by the way. You can pressure anyone doing exactly that and it's a safe play.
Lol. Now you are telling me to be a serve volleyer with your FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD mantra.

This i get!

Maybe i should just ask how one can stop being so absolutistic?
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