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Originally Posted by forty-love View Post
...But i'll be so far away from home and i guarantee that i'll get home sick. If i stay in Australia i'll be with my family and friends everyday. I'll be comfortable with the familiarity with the everything I'm torn between the two and it's making me really stressed because I know i have to make my decision soon. And what I choose will ultimately be the pathway for the rest of my life.
Hi 40-0

At age 19 I left Switzerland to go to study in the US (albeit not on an athletic scholarship)all by myself. Yes I left my home, my parents, friends & family behind...basically everything that was familiar to me.

The first two months were really hard and I was on the phone a lot (no Skype, Facebook etc. at that time). I was really out of my comfort zone. But I realized slowly that I was not the only one feeling loney--everybody else on campus had left home, family & friends behind to go to university. By the time first semester ended around Christmas, I had made new friends, joined a few clubs, etc. And most importantly I had grown so much already.

Living abroad is certainly a life-altering event. And there will be growing pains. But you will profit from it so much down the road in your life. And your world will be bigger -- and better for it.

One of the worst feelings in life that you can have is regrets about missed opportunities. They will catch up with you sooner than later...and if you have too many of those then you end up carrying a heavy burden with you down the road.

If you have the chance of getting an athletic scholarship to play the sport you love while getting an education and living abroad then don't miss that opportunity. But yes - you will have to leave your comfort zone, yes you will have to learn to handle yourself and make your own decisions living abroard.

I came back after seven years with my future wife. I learned that my friends never left their comfort zone. They were still comfortable but less clearly already lost some hunger. Their world was - and still is - a lot smaller than mine. And in today's globalized environment that also translates into post-university careers & success later on in life.

Good luck with your decision.

Best, MMQB
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