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Originally Posted by Shroud View Post
Lol. Now you are telling me to be a serve volleyer with your FORWARD FORWARD FORWARD mantra.

This i get!

Maybe i should just ask how one can stop being so absolutistic?
You don't need to move all the way to the net; I barely ever get to the net when I play, taking volleys only when I have a clear opening. The point is to make as many in-court contacts as you can comfortably take... hitting ground strokes from no-man's land is also taking the ball from within the court. If you ever get comfortable playing from the back court and can aggressively hit short balls, you can alternate between s&v and baseline rallies. It makes service returns very tricky for your opponent: if tries to go for a deep return of serve and you come in, he'll be giving you a high ball which will likely cost him the point; if he goes for a lower ball, expecting you come in, he'll be sending you a short ball you will be able to attack too easily... to solve this, he has to be very aggressive ... on his return and that's really hard to do properly.

Don't ditch your whole s&v approach; just add new abilities to your arsenal.
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