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For schools that do not offer scholarships, the early signing period corresponds to the early action/decision time frame. Regular signing period corresponds to regular decision time frame.

Since these schools do not offer scholys, all that they can offer is to flag your application and hope the admissions office comes through. Usually they will send your application to admissions for a"pre-read" before they seriously recruit you to make sure your academic candidacy is at least in the conversation. At some schools, a coach's endorsement is a virtual lock for admission, at others it may just be a tipping factor.

Coaches at D3/Ivies have a certain number of slots (applications they can endorse) with the admissions office. Maybe 2 or 3 per year. If you are seeking to be a walk-on (everyone at Ivies/D3 is a walk-on, maybe you are referring to a non-recruited player) they will not allocate one of their slots to you. You will be on your own with admissions.

EDIT: If you didn't play many tournaments as a high school junior, and your schoolwork took up so much time you weren't able to contact coaches, are you confident in your ability to manage your time as a college varsity tennis player....especially at an Ivy?

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