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Originally Posted by Nellie View Post
In my state, most of the matches are indoors and timed, and the second set is not entered if not completed. So the computer only sees the first set score, even if the loser is way up the second set. Tennislink won't allow you to submit a partial set score. As you can imagine, people totally drag out the second set if they win the first set.

In the adjacent state, the win is based on total games if the second set is not completed (if both sets are spit, then a tie breaker is used), so you get an opposite situation when a player/team, after winning the first set, will totally tank the second set once down to get to the tie breaker.
wait wait wait

so you're telling me if I lose the first set 5-7 and winning the second set 5-1 when times is called I lose??

No wonder I prefer tournaments

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