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Default Keep framing the serve! please help!

This is so frustrating that I will send some money through paypal to anyone that can find the solution! lol

I have a weird problem that keeps coming up on my serve. Its mainly when I try a kick serve but it even happens when I try to slice. I frame the ball but it is with the bottom edge of the racquet not the leading edge. I can hit a good kick and slice serve but on some nights this keeps happening and it is embarrassing. It is like I am over pronating with my wrist and catching the bottom edge. It is not that I am pulling my head down and not watching the ball bc I over exaggerate keeping my head up when this does happen and it still doesnt help. So I thought maybe it was my grip so I tried using a full eastern backhand and I still do it. I am attaching a picture of my continental grip which I serve with. Maybe someone can find fault in my grip or offer any other tips to help me! Thanks.

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