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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post

If he thinks that going for angles or being aggressive is going to solve his problem, more power to him. My advice is to simplify things and just focus on keeping the ball deep as a starting point.
Not trying to give you a hard time, as Imo we are having a meaningful discussion.
I hope you feel the same.

Above you cite going for angles, which I never said. There is an important difference
between going for angles vs hitting away to the open court.
Basically this is the common problem of going from one extreme to another to
solve a simple problem.
No need to focus on hitting deep, when working moderate depth will work well
with less risks.
No need to "go for angles" when just hitting away to the open court will work,
again...with less risks....especially when his and the universal problem is
really missing shots.
No one struggles or is asking for advice when they are making the shots they
attempt with confidence.
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