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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
I'm also going to post something here from an old thread-

This is exactly my experience as well. I also find that in most matches I watch between rec. players, USTA juniors, college players, etc., the person keeping the ball deep most consistently wins.
Yep, and that is an excellent perspective on....
how things look to the substantially weaker player
trying to play over his head......almost always it looks this way.

They have a very limited perspective on what it takes to play and the next level,
and this leads them to many false conclusions.
When a near equal 5.0-5.5 player plays it close or beats this guy he discusses,
there will be many balls hit to mid court and even some will be clean winners.
If either one of them focuses heavily on keeping all shots deep, he will lose badly
AND the only exception is if they both make that mistake...but that is quite
rare for true 5.5 level players. They usually know better.

Go to DJ vs anyone good, highlight points on you tube and you will see how on
these exceptional long points how often the strong mid ct balls outnumber the real
deep ones by more than 3 to one...and amazingly often..the pt ending winner
is hit off one of the deeper balls faced in that rally. Maybe if I remember, I'll link
a few here when I get where I have you-tube available.

Best lessons of how points should be worked and played is by study in very well matched
Little is learned in lopsided matches because the better player can get away with too
much. It is easy for him to hit deeper and more accurate against the weak players, as
well as make up for showboat misses by winning the next point.
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