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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post

Go to DJ vs anyone good, highlight points on you tube and you will see how on
these exceptional long points how often the strong mid ct balls outnumber the real
deep ones by more than 3 to one
...and amazingly often..the pt ending winner
is hit off one of the deeper balls faced in that rally. Maybe if I remember, I'll link
a few here when I get where I have you-tube available.

Best lessons of how points should be worked and played is by study in very well matched
Little is learned in lopsided matches because the better player can get away with too
much. It is easy for him to hit deeper and more accurate against the weak players, as
well as make up for showboat misses by winning the next point.
Yes, and these balls are hit with extreme pace and spin. The OP cannot hit to these locations with any consistency, let alone with any amount of pace and spin. Using a 4.0 as an example would be much more helpful, IMO. My experience with people at this level is that keeping it deep is what is sorely lacking - regardless of whether it is an even matchup or not.

Apologies to the OP if I am not giving him enough credit. My advice to him has not changed.
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