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Default Post match recovery takes too long!

I've felt this for the last 2-3 months ever since I've started playing regularly (which means twice a week) that the post match recovery takes a long time.

I played a long three setter (7-6 in the third, almost 2.5 hours) on Tuesday night (in decently cool conditions around 17-18C) and I can still feel a bit of pain and stiffness in my legs (its Thursday morning right now).

What is the best way to make sure that the recovery takes less? Assume that I'm a recreational player who plays local league matches but does not have sophisticated techniques at my disposal.

Here's my current routine:

- Come 10-15 early to the match. Warm up for 10 minutes. Practice serves for 5 minutes
- Play match. Carry enough water and keep myself hydrated during the match.
- Have a power bar or two during the match. Sometimes I carry a banana.

Post match: Light cool down and drive back home. Occasionally I put some cold packs on my legs, but not always.

I'm a 3.25 player (definitely above 3.0 but not in the 3.5 league) where I do play some long rallies but pace is not that high.

EDIT: I'm a 28yrs old male, ~170lbs (76kgs). I do some running in the gym 2-3 times a week, and some strength training (mostly at home).

Thanks much!

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