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Default Top spin production in ground strokes -- namely calling for Ash

As I stated times a many, I subscribe to the group who considers that the angle of your string bed at contact is the main factor influencing the production of spin in ground strokes. I got this from tennisspeed, if you want my source. I might break down my thought process later on, but it's not my main intention here... I want to know about people on this forum since one blog is too limited as a source of information and I might actually be very wrong.

I called for you Ash, if happen to stop by, because I wished you had some space to reply to me or to explain your position. You are well known here for your great inputs and good manners, so while we might all enjoy your insights, you wouldn't highjack another thread to explain... hence this space.

For everyone, the question is:What produces top spin in forehand and backhand ground strokes?
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