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Originally Posted by lendledbergfan View Post
I've felt this for the last 2-3 months ever since I've started playing regularly (which means twice a week) that the post match recovery takes a long time.

I played a long three setter (7-6 in the third, almost 2.5 hours) on Tuesday night (in decently cool conditions around 17-18C) and I can still feel a bit of pain and stiffness in my legs (its Thursday morning right now).

What is the best way to make sure that the recovery takes less? Assume that I'm a recreational player who plays local league matches but does not have sophisticated techniques at my disposal.

Here's my current routine:

- Come 10-15 early to the match. Warm up for 10 minutes. Practice serves for 5 minutes
- Play match. Carry enough water and keep myself hydrated during the match.
- Have a power bar or two during the match. Sometimes I carry a banana.

Post match: Light cool down and drive back home. Occasionally I put some cold packs on my legs, but not always.

I'm a 3.25 player (definitely above 3.0 but not in the 3.5 league) where I do play some long rallies but pace is not that high.

Thanks much!
As you can see from my sig I'm a 3.0, so sort of in your competitive range. I have lots of vids posted here at TTW that you can check out.

I'll, hopefully, be playing a league match every day for the next week or so. The only thing that sometimes is noticeably sore after a match is my hitting hand. I'm finding that the more I play, the more I'm able to play without soreness.

My consumption during a match is about the same as yours, lots of water, a banana or two, maybe one of those flavored drinks. After, say, an evening match I eat meat and veggies till I'm full. An hour or so after that I drink a smoothie with spinach, berries, nuts and seeds. An hour or so after that I often take a nap. It's usually a great, deep sleep. Then I'm up till all hours of the night.

When I get up in the morning I drink lots of water and do some chores, errands, yard work, or maybe a light workout. After that I eat a bunch of eggs and bacon. Drink some juice and coffee. A couple of hours after that I'll usually drink another smoothie. Then I'm usually itching to get out on the court again.

If I have a morning or midday match then things are slightly altered but proceed in basically the same order.

My unqualified opinion is that if you play and practice intensely more frequently, then you will have less of a problem with post match soreness.
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