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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
I'd say you are letting your focus drift out to your target in the svc box
just before contact. If you bring your entire focus to the contact, you
will never frame or mishit, but over time it shift further out and happens
sooner till next thing you know, MIShits!
Agreed. This is likely the culprit. Just because the OP is keeping his head it doesn't necesarily mean he's looking at the ball. Normally when an instructor tells you to keep your head up it is to keep you from prematurely opening your shoulders. I don't like people conciously trying to keep their head up because it affects the smoothness of the swing as they try to hold it there and don't release, eyes drift, etc. Instead I like to tell people to keep their eyes up on serves and overheads. If your eyes are focused on the ball your head will follow and also stay up and it feels more natural.
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