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Originally Posted by DirtBaller4 View Post
Pace & Depth Vs Spin & Angles.
Yes, that is the normal mindset, and maybe that is why it is so tough for many
to get their head around it.

What 10is & I are talking about is using Pace and Moderate Depth....with
good spin and to the open court.
Basically it just takes a bit of all that into account, but without the extreme or
any..., except pace/power can go up due to the margin of error with the target.

No need to hit so much spin that it sits up short, even for a short angle...
but I'm not even talking short angles mostly.
Mostly describing hitting to the open court with solid margin of error. If you can
manage solid pace and spin for your level of play....then target that for moderate depth
to the open court side...then you can keep them on the move
while building a point. You also increase your odds on earning a sitter to
attack in the process. With smarter targets, you can add more power and spin
with way less fear of missing. It's a little like the guy who just works to hit his
driver 250-260 down the middle of the fairway, except in tennis we want to avoid
the middle center T area, a bit more....or looking at the open court area as the
fairway to split.
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