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Originally Posted by lendledbergfan View Post
I'm a 28yrs old male, ~170lbs (76kgs). I do some running in the gym 2-3 times a week, and some strength training (mostly at home).
Interesting, assuming you are not 6''8' your BMI is good, you are in you prime and you seem to be in a decent condition!

3.0-3.5, that does not indicate explosive footwork action. It does not seem to be related to the running around the court because you run and I assume you do not have the same problem with running.

Where is the pain and stiffness? In the calves?
Any problems with the knees?
How is your flexibility?
What kind of court surface do you play on?
Do you wear quality tennis shoes?

Hmm, I see you opened another topic about being a slow starter.

Perhaps your problem is that you only play matchplay tennis and nothing else. Playing matches is usually done with a different intensity than just practicing or hitting some balls.

One thing to try would be to allocate some time doing hitting and practicing sessions, say twice a week.
It may very be the case that your body, and legs in particular, will acclimatize better during matchplay once you do that.

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