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@ lendledbergfan,
By the way, I forgot to mention that drinking beer is also part of my post-match recovery routine (but usually only for evening matches). I've found that the more beer I drink, the less I notice any aches or pains.

I played a league match yesterday evening, one this evening, have one tomorrow morning at 7 AM, and another one at 4 PM. I won't be drinking any beer (more likely just eating and taking a nap) after the 7 AM match. Maybe not after the 4 PM match either, as I expect to have something lined up for Sunday also ... maybe even another two matches (then after that I'll take a day off, during which it's a good bet that I'll have a few beers at some point).

Also by the way, it occurred to me that maybe my legs do feel a bit sore sometimes. But it's a really pleasant sort of soreness that I take as an indication that I'm getting stronger.

Anyway, my honest opinion about your situation is that you're just not playing enough. Play more, and you will eventually ache less after matches.
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