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Post match you should be in cool-down mode. If you want to shorten your recovery time you should be doing something like this:

1. Immediately drink something to get you out of catabolic mode - chocolate milk is good for this as well as helping rehydrate you. Water is fine if that's easiest. Eat something (nuts, protein bar, banana)
2. Go for a 15 minute light run/walk. This will reduce the recovery time on your legs massively. Take your drink with you if you can do both at the same time. Eat something if you can manage too (nuts, protein bar, banana)
3. Do some light stretching of your legs/upper body.
4. Then shower immediately. The sooner you can get out of hot & sweaty mode the sooner you can start cooling down completely. Hot = inflammation continues longer, which is the opposite of what you want after a long match. If you can handle it, finish with cold water on your legs. Cold = inflammation reduced/slowed quicker.

Do the above within the shortest time - target is less than an hour.

5. Then start eating and continue rehydrating while you do your full stretching. No need to go crazy on it - stretching per se doesn't aid muscle recovery all that much (it helps mainly for flexibility and injury prevention)
6. Continue rehydrating for a couple of hours - a glass of water every half hour is fine.

7. Next day walk if you can.

Note: In the evening post-match don't do heat packs on tired muscles - not sure why people still think there is much benefit in this, there isn't if you're simply trying to recover. Watch TV with an ice pack - rotate it between any joints that hurt.
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