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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
As for tennispeed - happy that he has "proven" that the pro's have a closed face at contact. Not convinced he has proven that this factor is the major contributor for topspin production, at least above racquet path.

Hi Ash,

I am not sure if you have read through the entire blog, but I read that thing several times very carefully. To me, the key takeaway is in Part 6 of the blog.

It's not the closed racket face itself, but what gets you to close the racket face consistently and with control that is important. According to Dr. Nii, the key to producing a consistent closed racket face top spin forehand is "elbow pronation" during what he calls a first forward move. I think the phrase elbow pronation is confusing. I would prefer closed racket face during the moment when you switch from back swing to forward swing. That is key.

IMHO, for those who think the blog makes no sense, they have not read it very carefully. He makes a ton of sense to me and it has helped my forehand.

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