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Originally Posted by Tight Lines View Post
I think the phrase elbow pronation is confusing.
Actually, it's pretty clear. You can't have it clearer, it's the exact word you need to say ''turn your palm face down.'' It's only a problem if you don't know what it means, but being an actual word, you can solve this by looking it up.

Originally Posted by Tight Lines
IMHO, for those who think the blog makes no sense, they have not read it very carefully.
I must agree... you just need to learn some new vocabulary and voila! He breaks down the forehands of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic into 40 or so distinct movements... can't get it clearer and more nuanced than this!

Ces articles ne sont quant même pas rédigés en français; c'est bel et bien écrit dans votre langue!
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