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I find it quite curious that many posters try to evaluate former years-end rankings (like 77, 78, 82, 89 ) under, more or less, the current ranking system.

Until 1989, it was "nš of points obtained in sanctioned tournaments" divided by "nš of those tournaments played". In short, it was the AVERAGE of points obtained per tournament played.

Obviously it is quite different from the "total sum" (more or less, under different variations) used since 1990.

Why don't you all try to re-evaluate every post 1990 year-end-ranking using the AVERAGE (total points divided by nš of tournaments) system? Maybe that way we would have a different Year-End-Nš1 in some years like 99, 92, 00, 02...(I have not done the maths, but probably some of those years).
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