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Oh, good time to think about this as I've got some down time before the fall league stuff starts:


Deceptive athletic ability - I'm quicker than I look.
Backhand slice - RPM Blast gives me a nasty slice.
Won't give up - may be down 0-5, my game may have fallen apart, but you'll still have to earn that last game.


First serve (not much pace, lots of spin - took some MPH's off to increase the first serve %)
2 HBH - consistent, breaks down less than my FH, but won't hurt you.
Volleys - I'm very comfortable at net, but working on being more offensive with my volleys.


Second serve - very spinny, but once you figure it out, it's attackable.
Transition game - I'm fine at the baseline, comfy at net - just those damn NML and half volleys....
Shot selection
Mental - very nervous, can't play to potential during matches. Sometimes my focus just goes out for ice cream in the middle of a point.
Overthink things as well.
Footwork - improving but I can jam myself a lot.
Babolat APD/RPM Blast 18G @ 53#.
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