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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
There is a shift here.

The topic was comparing Nadal with Borg, and I pointed out that Borg's Wimbledon record was superior to Nadal.
Then someone jumped to Rosewall, forgetting the Nadal/Borg comparison.

Two different topics.

On clay, I would not rank Nadal above Rosewall, Trabert, or Hoad, or possibly Lendl.
All of these players were overwhelming on clay, and the first three competed against each other to divide up the RG titles of the era.

Nadal has had little serious competition on clay. Federer is not a natural clay player.
BS. nadal's level on clay is well and above that of anyone not named Bjorn Borg. His achievements surpass that of any one else. Trabert, Hoad , Lendl don't even come within a country mile.

Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post

The ability to play clay has diminished since then among the top players, and only Fed and Ferrer have consistently challenged the big clay titles against Nadal.
I hope for your sake you meant fed and djokovic

Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Rosewall, Trabert, and Hoad were great on all surfaces.
so is federer FFS. He's not a natural CCer ? yet, rosewall, trabert, hoad were natural on every surface ? LOL !
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