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630 square centimeters converts to about 97.5 square inches.
(The PT 630 is the same racquet, different decal. 280 was a Trisys number, 630 is metric.)

Head's 97/98 is roughly equivalent to Dunlop's 95 sq inches.

CAPS should add about 10 grams over standard grommets.

CAPS want to stay straight and can be uncooperative. Patience is the key.
I usually install them as much as they initially allow and tape them in place overnight to get them used to the rackets shape and then use an awl to guide the grommets in place. Sometimes they go right in, other times, it is combat. As mentioned above, you can also heat them up to make them more pliable.

Originally Posted by MarrratSafin View Post
I have heard some prefer the slightly stiffer and heavier China version over the softer Austrian version. I do not own a China version, however people have noted they are very similar and still a very good frame for sure.
Yes, very similar. Any differences are minor IMHO. I have all the versions and use them interchangeably.
All Head Pro Tour 630/280's are great frames IMHO.

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