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1st flats, well above 4.5 average, and lefty, but I never practice, haven't for 8+ years, and placement can be lacking.
2nd spins, better, placements are easier, can kick it consistently up around chin heights, only some good twists go higher.
Volleys, well into solid 5.0 levels, but lazy at times, since the volleys are strong and solid, the footwork is not there.
ROS, bad usually sliced, inconsistent topspins.
Forehand, strong when confident, inconsistent when tentative.
Backhand, slice solid, topspin erratic but really strong.
Movement, nil, two torn tendons in left ankle has kept me from running for 5 years now.
Quickness, all there, but more than 2 steps, I'm toast.
Mental, as weak as can be, erratic and often thinking of windsurfing or work while playing tennis, not to mention surfing, snowboarding, or lifes craziness. No abilty to concentrate or take tennis seriously.
Luckly I'm lefty and close to 6'. Unlucky I don't train, exercise, or take tennis seriously.
At best, a solid 5.0 doubles player.
At worst, a solid 3.5 singles player.
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