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I'll try!

BIG first serve
Speed around the court
Lots of power (I'll place that as a strength)
Inside-out forehand

Horrific first serve percentage (It fluctuates wildly from being extremely consistent to Dementieva-like)
Impatient - I usually try to end the point at the wrong time by just ripping the ball, often resulting in spectacular winners but more often than not stupid errors
Lacks consistency from the back court
Temper (I am the Safin of rec/club players, so many smashed racquets...)

I am the kind of player who on a roll could've made it far, in fact I need to be on a roll and have the right mindset before a match to make it competitive. I was hugely talented as a junior until the money disappeared. The lack of play over a period of 2 years caused havoc with my tennis game, and now I'm not nearly as good as I could have been. But oh well, potato potahto.
Uninstintively instinctive.
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