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Originally Posted by eman resu View Post
Finally my PT280 trisys system is in my hands. Designed in Austria, Head barcode label inside. Very nice looking, 356g strung, fairway leather + gamma overgrip. Balance at 12.5"

as for the grommets, to make things clear:
1)If I add LM Prestige MP CAP grommets, will it add 10g?
2)What about IG Caps, how lighter are they?
3)What's the weight of the standard pt280 grommets?
The Head Bar Code Label Inside graphic suggests a Czech racket, supposedly molded in Austria, finished in the Czech Republic. Might be all Czech though. Head moved a lot of tennis and ski production to the Czech Republic to take advantage of favorable exchange rates. Later they moved almost all racket production to the PRC just like every other company.

The last time someone asked this, I weighed a CAP set versus a standard set. IIRC, the net difference was 10 grams. Roughly 20 grams versus 10? Not noticeable to me but there are some who would say they note a difference. An overgrip adds about 6 grams, a rubber band damper maybe 2, 10 grams is not significant IMHO. No idea of the weight of the IG CAP, maybe a few grams lighter?

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