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Originally Posted by tbuggle View Post
i don't use stickers, but i'm not here to tell others not to.
Any player that cares will know what tension their racket
USED TO BE until it came off the machine (according the stringer, yada yada).
good point on where NOT to put them though.
these days I gotta write everything down, can't remember verbatim anymore

but that sticker just Shop's name & #, not even useful data like string specs

Originally Posted by eelhc View Post
Not just Tennis Racquets...

How many folks have bought a new car and the dealer painted their logo on the trunk lid? I tell the salesperson any decal/marking on the vehicle that's not stock the deal's off.
+1... sometimes I don't even make it home from dealer/service
before I pullover and scrape off any new decal or freebie keychain

Originally Posted by Matt G View Post
To the OP, if you are ever near the Central Coast and want a hit or restring let me know! Good to see aussies on here
hola Matt... I'm a mexican from Melbourne

Originally Posted by KineticChain View Post
why don't you tell them not to put it there? everyone has little things they hate that no one knows about until the person explodes. how could they possibly know you didn't want a sticker over a sticker? stop acting so entitled and politely tell them you would like the sticker else where or not at all
Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
^ Maybe he didn't know that they would put a sticker on the racquet at all.
aha... I didn't send it there for stringing, original owner did - arrived used/strung

Bigger mystery is why o.o like natgut for cross with smooth poly mains. Wierd!

Originally Posted by spinovic View Post
I don't see a big deal one way or the other with the sticker. I do agree about putting it on a "blank" spot. I surely wouldn't put a sticker on top of another like in the original post picture.
there's a perfect sticker sized area on the other arm of the yoke where
Prince advises "Made in China" & "Use Prince High Performance Strings"

why coverup the valuable barcode instead

Originally Posted by mmk View Post
I know that store, Strung Out in Rushcutters Bay in Sydney.
Right you are sir... haha was wondering if anybody was familiar with NSW joints.
Had intentionally avoided showing the 1st pic of before I started peeling.

In the (very) old days stringers used to put round or octagonal stickers
on the buttcap. Then 80s think it was Prince that started doing long stickers
for inside the yoke before everyone else followed suit.

I like string specs on the sticker, maybe also who (person) strung it & when.
Being a tinkering geek, I'd like note of what machine it was done on.
Don't need "when to restring", its marketing fluff.
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