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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
I have never asked. Seldom if ever do rackets come back with the label and the only time a customer has said anything to me is to tell me to put the string date on the tag, or they get upset when I don't put on a tag.
Irony, huh?

I would ask your new customers if they want a label or not. Some players are really conscious about their racquets and a simple thing like this might cause you to lose some business.

Originally Posted by Clintspin View Post
The ERT is a rather fragile piece of equipment that I would not carry in my bag. I am mildly rough with my bag.

I have never had a complaint about a sticker. I have never put one on the hologram either. It actually speeds up the stringing process for me. I try to put the sticker on the butts up side of the racquet throat. When I mount the racquet I can easily see the sticker while stringing. When I am finished I can easily check my last DT number before removing the old sticker. Sure I could open the computer file with this information but I seldom need to.
So you put the sticker on the racquet throat so you know what the set-up is?

Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
For anyone who objects to tags I have heard the average life of a business card is about 10 seconds. Why not put a piece of blue painter's tape on the back of your business card? If your customer does not want the tag they can throw it away with the card. If they want the tag they can peel it off the painters tape and put it on there racket or anywhere else they make want to stick it. Painter's tape does not stick well on either side.

If they peel the painter's tape off and trim it up it is real easy to get off the racket too.
I first thing I do about business cards is that I add them to my contacts. I still keep the cards too.

Another thing you could do is to have a log and everything a person signs in, they fill out their contact information and racquet specs.
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