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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Not boasting but I hit a pretty heavy ball on my fh. It's fast and has more spin than anyone I've played with. I can make it kick up above the shoulders or give it a flattish trajectory with the same rpm's or give it varying degrees of sidespin in both directions. My swing path is on the 'shallow' side. Not a huge degree of low to high. It's quite 'level'. Extreme sw grip.

For me, closing the racquet face gives me more spin. Not because of the physics of the face angle or my swing path or hitting below/above/at center and combinations of all of the above but because it allows me to hit harder and keep the ball in. Closing the face affects the launch angle and trajectory so I 'need some closure' to control depth.

This added control (for me; in my mind) allows me to swing faster thus allowing me more spin. I was taught many years ago by my coach at the time (ex pro from the early 70's) to close the face for more spin. He might have been incorrect that closing the face gives more spin but but I believed him at the time so it's ingrained.

Also when i hit with a closed face it 'feels' different than with an open face. The ball 'feels' heavier (meaning it feels like the ball itself weighs more which forces me to hit w/ more body instead of arming it). It 'feels' like it stays on my strings longer. It feels like I have more control. It 'feels' like it digs into the ball more. It even sounds better to me. It's more of a 'fffFFFWOK!!' instead of just a 'POP'. These 'feelings' make me think I hit more spin with a closed face.

Therefore for me... closing the face gives more spin. (or allows me to hit w/ more spin).

That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.
That makes perfect sense, but the racquet face angle is incidental to the spin you're generating. Where you're right on the money, is that "I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing." That's the take away here.

If you want to hit with more topspin, practice hitting the ball with more topspin more. Sure, there are some very basic things you want to understand, but you do not need to know the physics.
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