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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Not boasting but I hit a pretty heavy ball on my fh. It's fast and has more spin than anyone I've played with. I can make it kick up above the shoulders or give it a flattish trajectory with the same rpm's or give it varying degrees of sidespin in both directions. My swing path is on the 'shallow' side. Not a huge degree of low to high. It's quite 'level'. Extreme sw grip.
Come off it Cheetah, almost every post I've seen you write has been in some way serving your own ego or being condescending towards others.

In the case of Nadal's forehand - the ones that loop very high over the net, is he hitting those with a relatively perpendicular racket face, or is it severely closed? You can imagine how fast he'd be swinging upwards to get the ball that high when his strings are pointing at the floor when he makes contact with the ball.
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