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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post
Look, I love Nadal. I think he's great, but; why do you take issue with the term moonball to describe his moonball shots? Would you prefer the term "heavy ball?" Would you prefer the term hyper-badass-mooball-of-super-power?

Nadal is able to combine pace, with upper register RPM, with a moonball trajectory creating one of the most frustrating shots to return in professional tennis.

Doesn't it go without saying that Nadal's moonballs do not have the same hackish qualities of a rec player's moonballs?
I just don't see Nadal hitting moonballs a lot. He hits a very hard, fast ball with a lot of spin. I've stood 10' behind him at Indian Wells as he was pounding ball after ball. His net clearance was about 2 feet, which is a lot considering the pace that he was hitting with. Cheetah was standing right next to me.

Yes, he'll kick up stuff to a right hander's backhand, but everyone does that. Heck, I do that and I suck. But generally he hits really hard, with a lot spin. The ball is heavy and kind of violent.
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