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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
To me, hitting a hyper-badass-of-super-power-high arcing ball is not a moonball. My definition of moonball includes a lack of pace, heaviness and aggression. Nadal's high shots are high arcing, have a lot of spin, kick up high, are specifically targeted to all areas of the court and are hard to handle generally. He throws them in looking to draw a weak reply or to give a different look.

A moonball is usually hit with a low degree of spin and pace, generally go back to the center of the court and are usually hit by players with no offensive options in their arsenal in that situation or overall in general, or weren't in correct position so that's all they could manage or they are being tentative and ultra safe hoping that the opponent will eventually make a mistake if they keep moonballing it back. A moonball is not a lob and I"m not referring to balls hit when being stretched out wide so you pop one up deep to give you time to recover.

That's my definition. Maybe the general consensus on this forum of what a moonball is is different. idk.
Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
I just don't see Nadal hitting moonballs a lot. He hits a very hard, fast ball with a lot of spin. I've stood 10' behind him at Indian Wells as he was pounding ball after ball. His net clearance was about 2 feet, which is a lot considering the pace that he was hitting with. Cheetah was standing right next to me.

Yes, he'll kick up stuff to a right hander's backhand, but everyone does that. Heck, I do that and I suck. But generally he hits really hard, with a lot spin. The ball is heavy and kind of violent.
Doesn't sound like we disagree, I mean; look at what I wrote again. Emphases added.

Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post

Nadal is able to combine pace, with upper register RPM, with a moonball trajectory creating one of the most frustrating shots to return in professional tennis.

Doesn't it go without saying that Nadal's moonballs do not have the same hackish qualities of a rec player's moonballs?
Seems to me you just don't like the connotation some have with the term moonball. The moonball, hit in the way Nadal hits it, is an excellent shot, and one that can be replicated (to a much lesser degree) at the rec level to great effect.
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