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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post
Doesn't sound like we disagree, I mean; look at what I wrote again. Emphases added.

Seems to me you just don't like the connotation some have with the term moonball. The moonball, hit in the way Nadal hits it, is an excellent shot, and one that can be replicated (to a much lesser degree) at the rec level to great effect.
Maybe. But I think it is you who doesn't like the connotation associated with moonball. I'm perfectly fine with it. The connotation evolved for a reason. There's nothing wrong with a moonball. (per my current definition of moonball). We all hit moonballs.

According to your definition, the term moonball only refers to the trajectory of the ball then. Is that right? And if so, what would you say the difference is between a moonball and a lob? Degree of arc? What about the difference between a looping topspin shot and a moonball?

To me, the term moonball is perfectly named. A moon is quiet, slow, un-intimidating, it goes up and it goes down, it's peacefull, the major factor of it's movement is gravity, when ppl see a moon it's time to sleep.

Maybe we need a new term... like 'Sunball'. Now if you would say Nadal hits a 'sunball' everyone would understand exactly what you mean. It's high, it's hot and heavy, it's spinning, violent, and dangerous, it's huge mass and gravity bends time and space, it creates it own energy and others are affected by it's imposing gravity.

There. you heard it here first. I've just coined the term 'Sunball'.
"Nadal's sunballs create havoc on federer's backhand."
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