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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Maybe. But I think it is you who doesn't like the connotation associated with moonball. I'm perfectly fine with it. The connotation evolved for a reason. There's nothing wrong with a moonball. (per my current definition of moonball). We all hit moonballs.

According to your definition, the term moonball only refers to the trajectory of the ball then. Is that right? And if so, what would you say the difference is between a moonball and a lob? Degree of arc? What about the difference between a looping topspin shot and a moonball?

To me, the term moonball is perfectly named. A moon is quiet, slow, un-intimidating, it goes up and it goes down, it's peacefull, the major factor of it's movement is gravity, when ppl see a moon it's time to sleep.

Maybe we need a new term... like 'Sunball'. Now if you would say Nadal hits a 'sunball' everyone would understand exactly what you mean. It's high, it's hot and heavy, it's spinning, violent, and dangerous, it's huge mass and gravity bends time and space, it creates it own energy and others are affected by it's imposing gravity.

There. you heard it here first. I've just coined the term 'Sunball'.
"Nadal's sunballs create havoc on federer's backhand."
In my opinion, the term moonball generally refers to the trajectory and the context of the point, for instance; If someone is at the net, and you go over their head with a moonball, it's essentially synonymous with offensive lob. I do believe the moonball has to land deep, and be hit in rally position to classify as a moonball. A defensive lob, which is usually hit considerably higher than an offensive lob, would not qualify as a moonball.

If someone hits a slow, peaceful, quiet moonball to the middle of the court, I would probably qualify it as a "poor" or a "pushed" moonball. But, if someone crushes a paced, violently spinning moonball to the backhand corner--which you amusingly referred to as a sunball, lol!--I would qualify it as a "good" or "great" moonball.

You mentioned the looping topspin shot (which I've always thought was a hilarious name for a shot). If you loop a topspin in a rally to the back of the court in a rally (not passing someone), I would call it a moonball. If you hit a high looping topspin short angle, and you don't want to use the term short angle, you could probably say looping topspin short angle. I don't think moonball would qualify in this instance.

In that video you posted, Nadal clears the net by a little more than 6 feet (9+ feet off the ground). I consider that a great moonball: good trajectory, nice pace, deep, and aimed at the corner.
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