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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post
In my opinion, the term moonball generally refers to the trajectory and the context of the point, for instance; If someone is at the net, and you go over their head with a moonball, it's essentially synonymous with offensive lob. I do believe the moonball has to land deep, and be hit in rally position to classify as a moonball. A defensive lob, which is usually hit considerably higher than an offensive lob, would not qualify as a moonball.

If someone hits a slow, peaceful, quiet moonball to the middle of the court, I would probably qualify it as a "poor" or a "pushed" moonball. But, if someone crushes a paced, violently spinning moonball to the backhand corner--which you amusingly referred to as a sunball, lol!--I would qualify it as a "good" or "great" moonball.

You mentioned the looping topspin shot (which I've always thought was a hilarious name for a shot). If you loop a topspin in a rally to the back of the court in a rally (not passing someone), I would call it a moonball. If you hit a high looping topspin short angle, and you don't want to use the term short angle, you could probably say looping topspin short angle. I don't think moonball would qualify in this instance.

In that video you posted, Nadal clears the net by a little more than 6 feet (9+ feet off the ground). I consider that a great moonball: good trajectory, nice pace, deep, and aimed at the corner.
Good post. I think your definition is good.
I concede.
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