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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
I just don't see Nadal hitting moonballs a lot. He hits a very hard, fast ball with a lot of spin. I've stood 10' behind him at Indian Wells as he was pounding ball after ball. His net clearance was about 2 feet, which is a lot considering the pace that he was hitting with. Cheetah was standing right next to me.

Yes, he'll kick up stuff to a right hander's backhand, but everyone does that. Heck, I do that and I suck. But generally he hits really hard, with a lot spin. The ball is heavy and kind of violent.
Indian Wells isn't peculiarly fast, but it ain't clay either; anyone -- including Nadal -- will try to take advantage of the lower, faster bounces of a hard court. On clay, he hits higher and slower, but good observation.

Anyone who saw a court level view of a professional tennis match could tell the ball travels lower than what you'd normally expect given the average height an amateur would go for. With that said, bear in mind that the net is 3 feet high at its lowest point and 2 feet of clearance means the ball is still travelling 5 feet above the ground, which is relatively high if you think in terms of an average adult body.
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