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Originally Posted by tennis_hack View Post
One of the major advantages of heavy topspin is that it can be used to kick the ball up to above head-height on the opponent, thereby forcing a weak reply. You can hit so high and fast over the net that a spin-less moonball would fly miles long, but the spin will dip the ball in and force people to deal with this bounce. You cannot do this if you hit low over the net - even if you have heavy topspin on the shot, a low shot bounces low.
A high bouncing ball isn't the ultimate and only viable goal of a groundstroke. Sometimes you want a ball to bounce low.

They can swing slower because all of their racket-head energy goes into pace, not spin. Their shots will have just as much pace as a heavy topspin shot aimed low over the net.
A heavy shot is heavy. That's the benefit. A flat shot has less margin of error. The net is not the only obstacle to overcome. There's also the lines on the other side of the court.

It seems to me that you can either go for a high looping shot, in which case heavy topspin is your friend, or a flat kill shot, in which case topspin has little use.
That's it? What about variety? That's an asset/weapon too.

What is the advantage of a low, heavy topspin shot? You can't exactly say it has high margin for error because it still goes low over the net. You can't exactly say it will cause a nightmare to deal with when it bounces, because it won't kick up to above head-height. I can't see an advantage of this type of shot - if you're hitting low, you may as well hit flat.
. it's heavy. that's enough reason right there.
. topspin gives margin of error
. a low trajectory heavily spun ball still kicks. it kicks more forward than up. This is also difficult to deal with especially after lulling the opponent into a semi-groove after hitting them 3-4 higher arcing shots or even a sunball.
. low w/ hard spin will penetrate the court
. There's also sidespin to take into account
. passing shots
. a heavy topspin flat trajectory shot of pace P is harder to handle than a straight up flat ball of pace P
. Berdych's forehands have a lot of spin even on the flat appearing shots
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