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Hi there,

I am the one you guys are talking about, well idk how i play, but i practice harder and train harder want to become a ranked tennis player , since the before night , i didn't know that i can play that tournament and that is my first tournament and i scared alot otherwise i would easily win the first round. Ok coming to the point, acctually they gave me a oppurtunity to play with one of the ranked 190 faruk dustov for practice hitting partner and i practice in the same courts to, so i went to there , i did practiced with him and he told me, hey for qualifying any one can sign in, go and sign in there are less people, so you might play, then i went to there and i did sign in, so less players and i got a chance and even i asked them before they didnt responded back to me. I lost my hope at all , atleast i can practice and i gonna know how they play and all those stuff , luckyly got a chance and played and even after that, i mail to another director for another challenger they said , if there are less people in sign in for qualies, we will take you, but i didnt go. I know i have good game that, i can play with guys like 190 and others, but i am smart , still learning, i hope, its clear for everyone. Nothing offence , but even i do understand about others thinking about me. I am happy. Looking forward. See guys, idk who you guys are but just sharing, my dream is to get into top 100, but idk i can make it or not. But working on it. Thank you guys.
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