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Originally Posted by Tour90
are there any other matches on a torrent? If so can you add links?

Nope those are all the live links. If u're referring to the Federer-Hewitt match that was the first I released then that match is no longer available as the tracker is down and I've erased that file from my hard drive. However it would be easy for others who have the file to release a new torrent that I'd be willing to add to my page as long as those who have got the file download the new torrent and reseed the file using the new torrent. However I have my doubts that this will happen . In my experience, it's been hard to keep torrents going on for longer than a week after the initial release. I seed when I can of course but my upload rates are pretty slow especially if I'm having to seed 3 matches (and soon more). I suspect some of these torrents will die out but that's fine by me .. like a lot of things on bittorrent it's going to be a question of getting it while it's available.

I've also added a page to the link above with the matches I have on DVD for those who are interested in getting any other matches I might have.
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