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Originally Posted by THESEXPISTOL View Post
Yes you're, one of my top10. You're a rational and reasonable person and, sadly, that's hard to find in this board nowadays..
I try to be, I just think there's so much BS on these forums, and these people will believe anything another member will say.

As far as the Tour 90, a direct descendant of the 6.0 line with its 80%/20% graphite/kelvar construction, there are photographic evidence of said construction as well.

Show me proof of Tour 90's construction. Otherwise, I'm not a believer of these "n-coded", "karophite (k-factor)", and "basalt (BLX)" construction. A while back, when the k90 was still readily available, the spec sheet had "80%/20% graphite/karophite". Hmmm, sounds familiar?

I've hit with the 85 and my blx90, and they feel similar enough. I'm going to say this based on feel. Unless there is evidence suggesting otherwise, I have no reason to believe Tour 90s are anything but a 80%/20% graphite/kevlar construction. This concludes my rant on "technology". Sorry, I meant marketing.

BUT, I'm telling you. All of that is going to change. Adjustable tensioning and de-molecularization of graphite is happening.

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