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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
As far as the Tour 90, a direct descendant of the 6.0 line with its 80%/20% graphite/kelvar construction, there are photographic evidence of said construction as well.

Show me proof of Tour 90's construction. Otherwise, I'm not a believer of these "n-coded", "karophite (k-factor)", and "basalt (BLX)" construction. A while back, when the k90 was still readily available, the spec sheet had "80%/20% graphite/karophite". Hmmm, sounds familiar?

I've hit with the 85 and my blx90, and they feel similar enough. I'm going to say this based on feel. Unless there is evidence suggesting otherwise, I have no reason to believe Tour 90s are anything but a 80%/20% graphite/kevlar construction. This concludes my rant on "technology". Sorry, I meant marketing.

BUT, I'm telling you. All of that is going to change. Adjustable tensioning and de-molecularization of graphite is happening.
The PS 6.0 85/95 feel noticeably different from all the different Tour 90s and all the Tour 90s feel different from each other, i.e., the HPS Tour 90 feels different from the nCode 90, which feels different from the K90, which feels different from the BLX90, which feels different from the BLX PS 90. They each have their own unique feels, some more subtle than others. I do know for a fact that both the HPS Tour 90 and the nCode 90 contain HyperCarbon. With the K90, they took out the HyperCarbon but kept in the SiO2 molecules from the nCode 90, which is probably why the K90 feels closer to the PS 6.0 85/95 than the others. Both the BLX90 and the BLX PS 90 feel more muted than the K90, with the BLX PS 90 feeling softer. None of them feel exactly like the PS 6.0 85/95, so there is definitely more in them than just plain old 80% graphite/20% Kevlar. Also, at least the HPS Tour 90 and nCode 90 are Double Braided (graphite/HyperCarbon + graphite/Kevlar), while the PS 6.0 85/95 is just braided (graphite/Kevlar).
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