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Originally Posted by Sander001 View Post
Some people like me don't even consider the Pro Staff 85 and the Pro Staff Original 6.0 to be the same racquet.
I've hit with a couple of "Originals" and I've owned the Pro Staff Tour 90, nCodes, K-Factors and the BLX and. And none were like the PS85.
Originally Posted by 10sdude85 View Post
I heard a while ago about Sampras' racket being made in a factory on the caribbean islands somewhere. He loved the make of those rackets so much that when the factory shut down he bought all the left over frames and used those for the rest of his career. The factory in chicago that started making the prostaffs for him just weren't the same to him. This just indicates that there are differences in the make of the racket. Unless Sampras was just OCD.
Originally Posted by goran_ace View Post
Welcome to the legend of the St. Vincent factory.
Well...I started with a TW PS85 with full gut. LOVED it! Got a chance to buy a StV. Loved that too. Picked up a black butt China PS85. Too flexy and balance is off.

So there is a difference. Whether you prefer a StV or another version is up to you, but there is a difference between the versions.
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