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Originally Posted by SamSung View Post
That's stupid. Fitzgerald beat Lendl when he was #1 in the world, got to 25 in singles, made the 4th round of Wimbledon three times and won 2 Davis Cups. THAT IS HIGHLY MENTIONABLE.

Fitzgerald was no world beater but to say he "never achieved anything mentionable" isn't just a load of crap it's also totally ignorant.

Pfister got to the 4th round of Wimbledon three times, the semis at the Aus three times (although the fields were weak) and had a career high ranking of 19.

Again, he was no world beater but if you think what he achieved isn't worth mentioning then you're a total moron.
Take it easy Mr Korea
I liked all of them and am well aware of their singles record
You forgot to mention Gunthartd won Rotterdam b both G Mayer and Lendl and won Springfield against Solomon becoming lowest ranked player to win a GP
I just meant their biggest success came in doubs but never meant to belittle their singles
By middle class I place players with similar records as them: good but not great
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