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Actually got to hit a few today with a Dunlop pre MaxPly wood racket.
I use a strong SW forehand, 1hbh backhand.
I hit maybe 16 groundies total, before the guy who brought the racket wanted it back. NO mishits, at least 8 were off volleys from inside the service box, and my groundies were all topspin drives.
HE wanted his racket back, as he was going to play a doubles set with it against us.
They got to a 4-0 lead, then we came back and won 6-4. The wood racket was great in the first 4 games, then mishit all over the map after.
His serves were THE SAME, as with any other racket.
His strong forehands, and he's 6' tall and 200 lbs., were as strong as last week, when we played against him. Only an increased # of mishit's when he got tired was the difference.
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