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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
At the end of the day, it's just an EXO3 Black - it's not like the sticker has obscured, completely ripped out or obliterated something like the "Made in Austria" designation on a PC600 or other Austrian-made HEADs. At any rate, OP said he received the racket like that from the original owner.

Strungout's owner can be a curmudgeon at the worst of times (tennis shop equivalent of Seinfeld's Soup Naht-zee) so I wouldn't be surprised if he told the OP to GTFO if he dared raise the issue. He's been in business a longtime so he wouldn't cry about losing one customer over a *relatively* petty issue.
hah! my Austrian classics ain't going anywhere near StrungUp's fiefdom.
More like they've just snuck across the border in the dark of night
to Swiss freedom via the mountains lead by nanny Maria.

You make the joint sound worth of a visit next time I'm up north... Hehehe

Originally Posted by jim e View Post
When you had this racquet strung did you ask for a different string set up, as if so then you have a legit complaint to have it strung the way you wanted.
If you purchased it this way, then you should have known what you were buying and there should be no issue .
Nah, arrived with used stringbed ... Be worth less than weekold worn panties,
one would do more good complaining about the weather.

Only the natgut as cross, has come up in conversation with friends
& local proshops who've all said its a very rare uncommon choice.
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