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Originally Posted by Tamiya View Post
Headsup to all ye professional stringers... don't do this!

whack your ID sticker over the mfg's hologram barcode

then when sticker is peeled off, clearcoat comes off with it GRRR!

Some ppl might think nothing of it, but methinks differently - even if
you're the best stringer in town i don't think i'll be coming back again.

I submit that most people probably wouldn't care about that, which isn't to say that you don't have a right to or that you shouldn't. I string for a fair number of people, and I'd venture to say most of them aren't aware of a the barcode on their racquet or what it's used for.

But that's neither here nor there. It bugs you, you don't like it, so you certainly have a right to not have labels placed over the barcode on your racquet.

The fact that you'd willingly sacrifice a topnotch string job as opposed to having a civil conversation about where to place a label (which could mean not applying one at all) is a rather telling statement, however.
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