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Originally Posted by mhj202 View Post
Well, it was mostly past tense so a bit confusing.

Good luck though and hopefully you will get the most out of college- both academically and tennis-wise.

I would note that college tennis doesn't necessarily require money- in fact, many folks play on scholarship and even those who don't, usually get perks -- such as free or discounted equipment (strings, rackets, sneakers, etc.) and school benefits like free tutoring.
Yeah, I didn't mean to do that. I was going to edit it, but whatever.

Thanks. The classes are insultingly easy and I'm not having any trouble. I try to get a decent amount of sleep to avoid exhaustion during the day. Well, the racquets I play with are pretty hard to find now.. I haven't asked my coach about the perks.. I usually play with a preferred co-poly with two of my racquets and will eventually use gut on the remaining six. Hopefully, I should get free tutoring..
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