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Originally Posted by forty-love View Post
I'm in my final year of high school in Australia

Last year I began putting together the necessary info to get a tennis scholarship to go to college in the states. I was extremely keen on going to America to study and play the sport I love. I was almost there - all I needed to do was make the video of me playing tennis and send it out to coaches etc.

But then earlier this year when my school began talking about uni options I realized that a part of me still wanted to stay here back home. I figured that if I went to America I would be leaving my family/friends eight months after I finished high school. I know studying overseas is such a great opportunity but the thought of going to a new place all by myself and being so far from home scared me a little. So i made the decision to stay in Australia and go to uni here and study exercise science to become a physio whilst also being a tennis coach as well.

However, now that we've started applying to universities here in Australia i had a bit of an epiphany and realize that i really would love to go to america and play tennis

There's nothing wrong with me staying back home but I love playing tennis and I know that if I stay here all my efforts that I've placed on tennis in the past 9 years will go down the drain because I won't get to play as often. If I go to america i'll be playing everyday. But i'll be so far away from home and i guarantee that i'll get home sick. If i stay in Australia i'll be with my family and friends everyday. I'll be comfortable with the familiarity with the everything I'm torn between the two and it's making me really stressed because I know i have to make my decision soon. And what I choose will ultimately be the pathway for the rest of my life.
My suggestion is to go for it. Very few people get opportunity to chase their dreams. If you are have that opportunity grab it with both hands. In worst case you can quit and return home after a year. Even then it would be a year well spent. US is one of the friendliest place on earth. No matter which university you choose, there will be plenty of international students. So you will never feel lonely as long as you are outgoing type and open to meeting and mixing with people from different countries and cultures.

You should take one step at a time. You don't have a scholarship yet. First get one, and then worry about what to do. I am not trying to demoralize you, but when you go through the process of applying I am sure your decision will be easy if an offer comes your way. Good Luck

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