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OK, so the things I just mentioned are really intended more for tournament players and not recreational players, but I think they can still be adapted. Try the alley warm up, but make your goal to keep roughly 50% or better of your shots inside the alleys (also make sure there's an empty court next to you in case of errant shots). Also, you don't stop if you miss the alley, you still keep hitting.

Putting the ball right on the hashmark may be too tough for rec players so you can adapt that drill by putting a towel or a hula hoop down somewhere in no man's land and use that as your target (be careful not to trip on it!). Also maybe put a time limit on it. If no one hits the target in 3-4 minutes of hitting just end it and go onto your next drill or matchplay.

also, these are things you would obviously only do in practice and not something you can do in your ten minute warm up before a real match.
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