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Originally Posted by objectivity View Post
is it easier to hit a reliable backhand down the line with a 1HBH or a 2HBH? i think its the 2HBH but i do think its easier to get more topspin with a 1HBH -- and topspin is so important in hitting a reliable backhand down the line.

what do you guys think? my coach says there's no obvious answer.

reason why this thread is on this particular forum, is because i think one reason why nadal does not have a reliable backhand DTL, is because for some reason, he doesn't seem to be able to put much topspin on that particular shot.
IMO it's easier to hit DTL with the 1HBH.

When Rafa hits a BH-DTL, it's usually flat, but purposefully. His swing is a little different (and he really leans into it/over it) and he's usually going for a winner with that shot.
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